Happy Thoughts

"Gordon is one of the most authentic Yoga teachers I have the pleasure of knowing and practicing with. His classes are well crafted and he teaches with an exquisite mixture of deep insight, compassion and fun"

Debbie Avani

"The very first time I met Gordon I was impressed by his impeccable physical alignment and knew immediately that this was somebody who had dedicated many years to a consistent practice. Gordon sets aside busy days at work and demanding clients to come and teach. I have noticed how he has embraced the more spiritual side of yoga and I have had great pleasure in watching how he has applied all that he knows into his life off the mat. Gordon’s relationship to yoga is committed and unwavering. Watching him in a flow is nothing but a pleasure. He is an asset to the yoga community and to his students."

Nicola Theo

"He is truly authentic, but at the same time he can push you to believe in what you can achieve. A perfect balance of yin and yang."

Archna Mohan

"Gordon's classes are a wonderful combination of calmness and strength where you feel as if you can achieve anything. He is able to guide you into postures that you may have previously avoided and give you the confidence to explore. His classes are never dull and I always leave smiling.”

Suzanne Adams

From the moment I met Gordon, I knew he was a good teacher. He has a passion for Yoga and a caring nature that people warm to. He has the ability to inspire and I wish him all the best.

Ros Anderson

"Gordon brings an unequaled sense of authenticity to his classes. I have enjoyed all that Gordon has to offer at his beautifully authentic teachings whilst on the mat.”

Mark Meacock

"Gordon is a brilliant teacher, his classes are always a joy and I leave feeling happy and energised. He has given me lots of confidence, guiding me into postures I thought were way beyond me. His classes are authentic and I can't recommend them enough”.

Maike Mullenders

"Gordon's classes are the perfect balance between a physical energising challenge and a joyful relaxation. His way of teaching makes yoga a wonderful and at the same time fun experience for everyone."

Lis Mulders

"Thank you for that lovely class this morning Gordon! Loved the theme of letting go. Something I’ve been struggling with for a few weeks now and it’s helped. I just need to continue with it! Xx"


"I look forward so much to Gordon's classes, as I know I'll try something new each time. His practise is inspiring, full of strength and grace, yet his teaching style is inclusive, fun and enjoyable for all. I feel lucky to have been a student of Gordon's and look forward to learning much more.”

Nicole Wilde

Just wanted to let you know I have come in today to raving feedback of your class last night from the accountant and the general manager here! They loved it! I know the good news is not always passed on. So thank you and good job :)

That’s on a personal level but I am also impressed on a Professional level in how you lay out the room to create the atmosphere with your own props and obviously take great pride and passion in what you do.

Duty Manager at GLL Better Gym Redhill