My Story

Removing the mask

I moved from London to Surrey where I furthered my learnings in life, both on and off the mat. However energetically, my heart remained in NW London. I immediately came into conflict with lifestyle and yogic philosophy. I discovered that the simplest of life changes are often the scariest, but are vital and necessary to create meaning and self worth. For me living and loving authentically is a far safer road to travel on regardless of the resistance experienced.

I now help students in a safe space of containment to understand themselves, then create their own interior and external world. This allows them to find their true roots and a sense of self.

14 years down the yogic path, I have learnt how to be content with life’s inevitable roller coaster of floating on high seas and cruising when we experience droughts. What I share with the community, is that it is possible to find all that we think we need internally, while integrating into modern society with others who are on different paths.

5% of moneys received go towards "Your Sanctuary"

A trauma-informed, needs led and holistic approach to support survivors of Domestic Abuse and their children. We seek to empower our clients to make informed choices about their lives and if necessary to advocate for them with other agencies, professionals and groups in order that they are treated with respect, dignity and understanding.

  • Teachers- Andrea Symons, Ros Anderson, Nicola Theo, Debbie Avani, Petra Convey, Jean Hall, Allen Kelly.
  • The Tribe - Who supported
  • Guildford College peers
  • Julie Cheetham

Gordon Wax Yoga Pose