Online Class Etiquette
This class is for all levels of ability.

Take a breath and
embrace technology

During Covid-19

Due to Government guidelines and within you safety and interest, private and group classes on hold during Covid-19. Keeping you and your yoga flowing throughout this global shift, I will now be offering live streamed classes via the application zoom.

To book an online yoga, movement or meditation class and sign up to an online membership, please click the link below to our online classes page.

Choose your device

Choose your device I recommend the largest-screen device possible so you can see me clearly. Ear phones may also be beneficial.

Download the application

Discover the Zoom application, installing it prior to class

Roll out your mat

For your comfort and safety, consider investing in specific and environmentally friendly yoga props and equipment

This is for your comfort and safety.

  • 1x Yoga mat
  • 2x blocks
  • 2x bricks
  • 1x Yoga strap
  • 1x blanket

I am able to supply your own set of yoga specific equipment in your choice of colours and qualities from £80.00

Arrange your space

If you feel comfortable, I would invite you to share your video with me. It helps to place your device on a raised surface at hight that allows you to see me without stooping or waving. Position your mat approximately 3 meters away from the device so I can see as much as you as possible during both seated, standing postures and relaxation.

Otherwise make your nest. dim the lights, turn off your phone, close the door, and consider lighting a candle paying attention to your intention.

Please arrive a few minutes early to class.

Late attendance admission cannot always be guaranteed.

I welcome students to use the chat section privately or publicly to get my attention. Failing that, release your voice and unmute yourself.

If you need to part company early, please lay yourself down for a few minutes to collect and compose before you take your practice from the mat and into the day.