Yoga is for everyone

Group Classes

Every class is completely different and aligned with the seasons.

Together, we practice breathing techniques (pranayama) and postures (asana) that can be as a gentle or dynamic as you feel your body requires, followed by relaxation, meditation, savasana and yoga nidra.

Classes are designed to find the edge of both body and mind.

Private Classes

In large classes, students often don’t get the bespoke individual attention they feel they may require.

If there are specific areas that you feel need further discovery, together, we can create constructive ways for you to excel, at a speed you feel is appropriate.

This is practiced in the comfort of your own home.

Private class fees

£55.00 for 1hr

£400.00 for 8 classes (£50.00 per class)

£65.00 for 1 1/4hr

£480.00 for 8 classes (£60.00 per class)

£75.00 1 1/2hr

£560 for 8 classes (£70.00 per class)

Children & Schools

Research shows that children benefit from practicing yoga.

This can have a positive effect on the growth of our little yogis and will help them find their roots in life.

Practicing from a young age will improve physical and mental development.

School class fees

£10.00 per student per 1hr class

£12.00 per student per 1 1/4hr class

£14.00 per student per 1 1/2 class

30 student copacity. All students to have their own mats


Together, we can work compassionately for the end of life chapter. Classes are self lead and geared towards self empowment.

This service is extended to the individual’s care team including family, friends and medical professionals. This could be as simple as calming breathing exercises, mindfulness or quiet conversation.

This is a bespoke and carefully considered service, to ensure each individual is respected and thought of with peace and dignity.